NETSITESMEDIA.COM provide Ecommerce solutions based upon your needs and requirements. We unique and flexible Content Management Systems (CMS) to provide more customized solutions to our every growing clients.

The term “electronic commerce” appeared in the mid 1990′s and business has evolved dramatically with an ever growing number of businesses taking full advantages of being open 24/ 7 and having a larger market audience to do business with.

Our designs are focused on providing the user with clear messaging and strong calls-to-action to push them to take action. User interfaces are intuitively designed, pages load quickly, and checkout is a breeze.

Many clients come to us because their websites are lacking the essential elements that lead to traffic and sales. Most of the time, lack of clear messaging and intuitive navigation are the culprits.

How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Website

• Set clear goals on every page.
Each page of your website should have a clear purpose. For example, your homepage’s goal is to entice users to click through to your categories, or better yet, straight through to a product. On a product page, your objective is to provide the user with all the information necessary to convince them to make a purchase and make it very simple and easy to add an item to the shopping cart. Your shopping cart page’s purpose is to initiate the first step of the checkout process by clicking on “Checkout”. You get the idea. Keep this in mind when planning out the various types of pages on your Ecommerce website.

• Get users to come back.
Look for ways to get users to regularly come back. Always look for opportunities to bring users back to your website wherever possible. Ideally, the more a visitor visits your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

• Create easy points of contact.

Break down the wall between you and your customers to a minimum. Find ways to make it very simple and enticing for customers to contact you, thus putting you directly in touch with them. A few such examples may be the ability to inquire about a product, to leave reviews, or to upload a photo of themselves using the product.

• Don’t ask more questions than absolutely necessary.

It has been proven that the more fields there are in any web form, the fewer people fill it out. Make sure that your checkout process and any type of information you gather about your visitors is done in a way that at least looks effortless.

• Remember you’re not alone.
Most people shop online by visiting a multitude of websites when searching for a particular product. They will eventually narrow down their choices to one. Whether your Ecommerce website makes the cut will depend on a variety of factors.

• Beware of your pricing.
Make sure it is not higher than your competitor’s for the same product(s).

• Beware of your shipping costs.
If your shipping rates are not customized to specific products weights and distances, your website may be charging too much for shipping and thus costing you business.

• Don’t try to be EBay.
Rather than selling everything under the moon, focus on a few niche product lines and grow from there.

• Be up 100% of the time.
Make sure that your hosting plan is solid and that it can grow as you grow. This is one place you do not want to be skimpy.

• Be fully secure.
You don’t like having your credit card information stolen and neither do your customers. Make sure that you are using optimal security in your checkout system.

Before deploying a website, we carefully plan and identify the purpose of your virtual vision. Successful e-commerce solutions require clear goals, accurate planning, thorough research, and a winning eye for detail and design. Customization is our specialty. By considering your target market, we can tailor the way you sell your product or services to your customers. Through our unique customization, the sky is truly the limit.

Do not forget to visit the examples of the customized ECommerce websites we have done so far in our Web Portfolio section.

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